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Tank Mounted Screw Compressors

I. Description

To simplify purchase and installation, we have launched the tank mounted screw compressors based on the design principles of high reliability, high efficiency, and easy operation. The combination of compressor and air storage tank provides this product with compact structure, low noise, easy operation, and high reliability. Only a power supply and a connecting line are needed for installation. Then, clean and stable compressed air is obtained.

As an ideal replacement for traditional piston compressor, our tank mounted screw compressor is suitable for used in the laboratory, spray booth, carpentry workshop, small metal processing workshop, and the small machine processing workshop. It is also applied in the vehicle maintenance field.

II. Features

SEC4-11A (4-11KW) Series
1. Power: 5.5-15HP, Volume flow: 58.8-63.5CFM, pressure: 0.7-1.3MPa
2. The integral design of compressor and air tank yields compact structure and easy operation
3. The running status of the tank mounted screw compressor is displayed in real time, including power supply, discharge pressure, discharge temperature, standard time, and so on.
4. Complete fault history enables users to analyze the history, thus providing support for quick troubleshooting and improving maintenance efficiency.
5. Belt drive is adopted and the transmission efficiency reaches 98% or more, which is reliable and efficient.
6. The SKF bearing is used. Its service life is up to 30,000 hours or more, prolonging the lifespan of the whole machine.
7. Motor protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F, Motor service factor: SF=1.2
8. A MODBUS 485 interface is reserved for remote monitoring.
9. Cooling method: air cooling
10. Different voltages and frequencies can be customized: 120V, 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 575V, 50Hz, 60Hz

Outline drawing-1 Outline drawing-2

III. Technical Parameters

Model Power Pressure Air Flow Noise Level
Outlet Connection Weight
L×W×H (mm)
SEC4A-7 4 5.5 7 101.5 0.5 17.7 60 RP 3/4 180 925×620×1426
SEC4A-8 8 116 0.5 17.7
SEC4A-10 10 145 0.4 14.1
SEC4A-13 13 188.5 025 8.8
SEC 5A - 7 5.5 7.5 7 101.5 0.8 28.3 60 RP 3/4 200 925×620×1426
SEC5A-8 8 116 0.8 28.3
SEC5A-10 10 145 0.63 22.2
SEC5A-13 13 188.5 0.5 17.7
SEC 7A - 7 7.5 10 7 101.5 1.15 40.6 62 RP 3/4 220 925×620×1426
SEC7A-8 8 116 1.15 40.6
SEC7A-10 10 145 1.0 35.3
SEC7A-13 13 188.5 0.79 27.9
SEC11A-7 11 15 7 101.5 1.8 63.6 66 RP 3/4 260 925×620×1426
SEC11A-8 8 116 1.8 63.6
SEC11A-10 10 145 1.5 53.0
SEC11A-13 13 188.5 1.2 42.4

Note: 1. FAD is measured according to GB/T6430-2002
2. Outlet temperature= Ambient temperature + 8~10℃
3. Oil Content: 1~3PPM

IV. Main Components

Compressor Air End
A European upgraded version of compressor air end with optimized molded lines is adopted. High quality SKF heavy-load axial and radial bearings are used. In addition, triple seal is employed to eliminate leakage and ensure that the compressor air end has excellent performance as well as high reliability and durability.
PLC Intelligent Display System
1. Display running state in real time
2. Display and control the information of running, maintenance, alarm, and fault
3. Operation is very easy
4. There is a standby output interface reserved for realizing multi-unit chain control and remote monitoring
Automatically Adjustable Intake Valve
1. This intake valve can carry out 0-100% steplessadjustment on the displacement, making the air supply volume consistent with the air consumption, thereby achieving the best energy-saving effect;
2. The integration of reverse stopper system, ON/OFF system, and pressure regulating system ensures the maximization of various functions and simplifies the structure.
Efficient Motor Dedicated for Compressor
1. Protection class: IP55; Insulation class: F
2. SKF heavy load bearing is adopted
3. Output efficiency up to 96%, service factor: SF=1.2
4. Low noise, long service life
5. The voltage and frequency can be customized according to customer requirements
Efficient Filtration System
1. Efficient air filter filters out the dust and impurities in the air and the filtering precision reaches 98.5%
2. German MANN oil filter filters out the impurities in the lubricating oil, which effectively protects the bearings and rotor of the compressor main part
3. The cyclone type oil and gas separation system makes the oil content of compressed air less than 3PPM
4. A differential pressure sensor is adopted. When the filter is blocked, the sensor will automatically issue an alarm.
Control System
1. Electrical components of ABB brand are adopted, including circuit breaker and AC contactor. These components have reliable quality and are easy to replace.
2. A MICROCHIP control chip is used. With a 485 interface, remote monitoring can be realized through the MODBUS communication.
3. Various control signals, such as exhaust, temperature, and pressure, are collected for monitoring the running status of the compressor and facilitating troubleshooting.
Efficient Cooler (Air-Cooled)
1. An integral design of plate-fin heat exchanger, compressed air heat exchanger, and oil heat exchanger is adopted, yielding compact structure, small size, and light weight.
2. Made of aluminum alloy, the cooler is lightweight and of high strength.
3. The cooler has high heat transfer efficiency. The heat transfer area per unit volume is generally three times that of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

V. Structural Advantages

Unique Automatic Belt Tensioning Device Design (Belt Drive)
1. Belt tension is adjusted automatically, realizing the leap of transmission efficiency from manual adjustment to automatic tensioning
2. Maintenance is convenient. Belt replacement can be completed within 10 minutes.
3. The belt is tensioned automatically according to the effects of gravity, ensuring continuous high transmission efficiency
Efficient Flexible Coupling (Direct Drive)
1. The compressor air end and the motor are driven synchronously, and the transmission efficiency is 99%.
2. Maintain the force balance of the air end and motor, making the screw compressor run more stably.
3. The transmission does not consume energy.
No Leakage and Shock Absorption Design
1. SAE connectors are used for the connection of all pipes, which eliminates oil leakage and air leakage
2. The oil and air pipeline adopts inside and outside double protection, which is able to resist high pressure and temperature.
3. There is a hidden damping device in the driving structure part, which greatly reduces vibration. In case of the same operating environment, noise can be reduced by 3-5dBA.
Specially Designed Air Cooling System
1. A new type of cooling fan matched blades of special angles, forming a closed cooling system. By widening the distance between the cooling fan and the cooler, the cooling air forms turbulence flow and stable pressure within a certain period of time, ensuring normal operation of the tank mounted screw compressor under high temperature conditions.
2. Energy consumption is saved by 2 to 3 times and the noise is reduced by 2 to 3dBA.
Efficient Oil and Air Separation Device
1. A double pleated skirt style oil and air separation filter and a coarse oil and air separation tank constitute an optimal oil and air separation device. After processed by this device, the compressed air has an oil content of less than 3PPM.
2. Initial oil core pressure difference is lower than 0.02MPa, ensuring small separation resistance and low energy consumption.
3. The service life of this easy-to-use separation device is longer than 4,000 hours.
Humanized Safety Design
1. The high-speed transmission part adopts a fully isolated design, ensuring the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel.
2. The whole machine is fully closed.
3. The door panel is equipped with absorbing sponge. The noise produced during the running of a 22KW tank mounted screw compressor is lower than 68dBA.
4. No foundation is required. The machine can be directly put into use after the pipeline and power supply are connected.

VI. Control System

Our tank mounted screw compressor is equipped with a PLC control system which supports real-time monitoring, automatic protection, automatic alarm, multi-unit linkage, history recording, remote monitoring, and other functions. 24 hours of unattended continuous operation can be realized.

1. Multi-unit Interlocking Control Function (Standard Configuration)
a. Our product comes with a 485 port, so no extra joint control device is required
b. Two or more tank mounted screw compressors can be jointly controlled to run after simple wiring.
c. According to the air pressure in the pipe, the machine is automatically stopped or a backup machine is started to supply air.
d. Periodic switching makes the main and sub-machine work alternately.
e. In case of a fault, our tank mounted screw compressor is stopped automatically and a backup machine is put into use.
f. Linkage and alternate operation of 16 machines can be achieved.

2. Remote Control Function (Optional Configuration)
Our screw compressor central control system is equipped with dedicated software for realizing remote communication to manage the compressed air.
a. Operation information of the screw compressor can be known in real time.
b. Energy consumption as well as loading and unloading characteristics can be monitored.
c. Values of various parameters can be preset according to changes in air consumption.
d. Changes in parameter preset can be displayed and browsed.
e. History can be queried and maintenance alarm can be displayed.

3. PLC
a. Menu operation is intuitive, quick and easy.
b. Four control modes: Automatic control, manual control, multi-unit linkage control, remote control
c. Operating status display: Power display, exhaust pressure display, exhaust temperature display, standard time display
d. Automatic fault alarm protection: Overtemperature, oil shortage, excessive pressure, clogged separation device, clogged oil filter, clogged air filter, phase loss, wrong phase sequence, motor overload, sensor failure
e. Parameter preset / modify: Control mode, automatic start / stop control, load / unload pressure, temperature upper / lower limit, delay loading time, multi-machine alternation order selection, maintenance time setting, calendar / time setting
f. History query: Loading / offloading running time, oil filter remaining time, oil and air separator remaining time, air filter element remaining time, total running time, fault history

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