Belt Drive Air Compressors

1. Description

Our belt drive air compressor air end is composed of the male and female rotors, bearing, shaft seal, and housing. The working process includes suction, compression and exhaust.

a. A PLC intelligent control system is adopted. It supports control mode selection, running status display, parameter presetting, and fault history query.
b. The SKF bearing adopted has a service life of over 30,000 hours.
c. The protection class of motor is IP55 and the insulation class is F. Motor service factor SF=1.2.
d. A MODBUS 485 interface is reserved for remote monitoring.
e. Type of cooling: air cooling
f. Products of different voltage and frequency can be customized, 120V, 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 575V, 50Hz, and 60Hz.

2. Specifications

SE15A-7 15 20 7 101.5 2.3 81.2 66 RP 3/4 420 775×1050×1050
SE15A-8 8 116 2.3 81.2
SE15A-10 10 145 2.05 72.4
SE15A-13 13 188.5 1.65 58.3
SE18A-7 18 25 7 101.5 3.0 106 66 RP 3/4 480 775×1050×1050
SE18A-8 8 116 3.0 106
SE18A-10 10 145 2.6 91.8
SE18A-13 13 188.5 2.2 77.7
SE22A-7 22 30 7 101.5 3.8 134.2 68 Rp1 1/4 620 860×1115×1340
SE22A-8 8 116 3.6 127.1
SE22A-10 10 145 3.2 113
SE22A-13 13 188.5 2.8 98.9
SE30A-7 30 40 7 101.5 5.2 183.6 70 Rp1 1/4 680 860×1115×1340
SE30A-8 8 116 5.0 176.6
SE30A-10 10 145 4.5 158.9
SE30A-13 13 188.5 3.7 130.7
SE37A-7 37 50 7 101.5 6.8 240.1 70 Rp1 1/2 850 1000×1300×1470
SE37A-8 8 116 6.6 233.1
SE37A-10 10 145 5.8 204.8
SE37A-13 13 188.5 4.8 169.5
SE45A-7 45 60 7 101.5 8.0 282.5 71 Rp1 1/2 950 1000×1300×1470
SE45A-8 8 116 7.6 268.4
SE45A-10 10 145 7.0 247.2
SE45A-13 13 188.5 5.8 204.1
SE55A-7 50 75 7 101.5 10.8 381.4 74 Rp 2 1450 1150×1550×1660
SE55A-8 8 116 10.0 353.1
SE55A-10 10 145 9.0 317.8
SE55A-13 13 188.5 7.8 275.4
SE75A-7 75 100 7 101.5 13.8 487.3 76 Rp 2 1550 1150×1550×1660
SE75A-8 8 116 13.0 459.1
SE75A-10 10 145 11.8 416.7
SE75A-13 13 188.5 9.8 346.1
SE90A(W)-7 90 120 7 101.5 16 565.0 76 Rp 2 1/2 1900 1750×1375×1740
SE90A(W)-8 8 116 15.0 529.7
SE90A(W)-10 10 145 13.0 459.1
SE90A(W)-13 13 188.5 11.0 388.4

Note: a. FAD is measured according to GB/T6430-2002;
b. Outlet temperature= Ambient temperature + 8~10℃
c. Oil Content: 1~3PPM

3. Main Components

Compressor Air End
An optimized European compressor air end coupled with quality SKF heavy-load axial and radial bearings is adopted. Three oil seals are used to eliminate leakage and thus ensure superior performance, high reliability, and high durability of the compressor.
PLC Intelligent Display System
a. Display the operating status in real time
b. Display and control the running, maintenance, alarm, and fault information
c. Easy to operate
d. Reserved backup output interface for multi-unit interlock control and remote monitoring

Automatically Adjustable Intake Valve
a. This intake valve can perform 0 to 100% stepless adjustment on the air inflow, making air supply consistent with air consumption and achieving optimal energy-saving effect;

b. The integration of non-return system, on-off system, and pressure regulator ensures the maximization of each function while making the structure compact and simple.

Efficient Motor
a. Protection class: IP55; insulation class: F
b. Equipped with SKF heavy-load bearing
c. Output efficiency up to 96%, service factor SF=1.2
d. Low noise, long service life
e. Voltage and frequency can be customized according to customer requirement

Efficient Filtration System
a. An efficient air filter is adopted. It can filter out the dust and impurities suctioned into the compressed air and the filtering precision reaches 98.5%.

b. The adopted oil filter is from German MANN Group. It can filter out the impurities in the lubricating oil, thereby protecting the bearing and rotor of the belt driven air compressor.

c. Cyclone type oil and air separation system makes the oil content of the compressed air less than 3PPM.

d. A differential pressure sensor is used. It will automatically alarm when the filter is clogged.

Control System
a. Collect various control signals, including temperature, pressure, etc., and monitor the running state of the belt drive air compressor, offering help to fast troubleshooting
b. Adopt MICROCHIP controller chip, with RS485 interface, remote monitoring can be realized via MODBUS protocol
c. Adopt ABB electrical elements, including circuit breaker and AC contactor, reliable in quality and easy to replace

Efficient Cooler (Air Cooled)
a. This cooler combines a plate-fin heat exchanger, a compressed air heat exchanger, and an oil heat exchanger. It is compact, small, and lightweight.
b. Made of aluminum alloy, the cooler has light weight and high strength.
c. The heat transfer area per unit volume of this cooler is generally three times that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger, giving high heat transfer efficiency.

4. Structural Advantages

Unique Automatic Belt Tensioning Device (Belt Drive)
a. The belt tension is adjusted automatically, improving transmission efficiency;
b. Belt replacement can be completed within 10 minutes.
Efficient Flexible Coupling
a. The compressor and motor are driven synchronously, and the transmission efficiency reaches 99%;
b. The coupling helps keep force balance of the compressor and motor, making compressor operate more stably;
c. No energy is consumed in the transmission process.
No Leakage and Shock Absorption Design
a. SAE connectors are used for pipeline connection, eliminating oil leakage and air leakage;
b. The oil and air pipeline adopts double-layer protection. It has resistance to high pressure and temperature;
c. The driving structure part is equipped with a hidden shock absorption mechanism, which greatly reduces vibration. In case of the same service environment, noise is reduced by 3 to 5dBA.

Specially-Designed Air Cooling System
a. A new type cooling fan matches with blades of special angle to form a closed cooling system. By enlarging the distance between the cooling fan and radiator, the cooling air forms a turbulent flow with stable pressure. This ensures that the belt drive air compressor can work properly at high temperatures in summer.
b. Compared with similar products, this cooling system consumes 2 to 3 times less energy and the noise it produces is reduced by 2-3dBA.

Efficient Oil-Air Separation Device
a. This device comprises a double pleated skirt style oil-air separation filter and a coarse oil-air separation tank. The oil content of the compressed air processed by this device is less than 3PPM;
b. Initial oil-air separator core pressure difference is less than 0.02MPa, ensuring small separation resistance and low energy consumption;
c. This separator is easy to operate and its service life is longer than 4,000 hours.

Humanized Safety Design
a. The whole belt drive air compressor has a fully enclosed structure;
b. Its transmission part is fully isolated, which ensures the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel;
c. Door panels are equipped with sound absorbing sponge; for the 22KW belt drive air compressor, the noise produced during operation is less than 68dBA;
d. Our rotary screw air compressor can be directly put into use after pipeline is connected and power supply is turned on.

5. Control System

Our belt drive screw compressor is equipped with a PLC system. This system supports real-time monitoring, automatic protection, automatic alarm, multi-unit linkage, remote monitoring, and other functions. With this control system, our product can work continuously with no operators nearby.

a. Menu operation is fast and easy;
b. Four control modes: Automatic control, manual control, multi-unit linkage control, remote control
c. Operating status display: Power display, exhaust pressure display, exhaust temperature display, standard time display
d. Parameter preset / modify: Control mode, automatic start / stop control, load / unload pressure, temperature upper / lower limit, delay loading time, multi-machine alternation order selection, maintenance time setting, calendar / time setting
e. Automatic fault alarm: Overtemperature, oil shortage, excessive pressure, clogged separation device, clogged oil filter, clogged air filter, motor overload, phase loss, wrong phase sequence, sensor failure
f. History query: Loading / offloading running time, oil filter remaining time, oil air separator remaining time, air filter element remaining time, total running time, fault history

Multi-unit Interlocking Control Function (Standard Configuration)
a. A maximum of 16 air compressors can be jointly controlled after simple wiring
b. Main and sub-machines work alternately and the switching is periodic
c. According to the air pressure in the pipe, the controller automatically shuts down the running air compressor or starts the backup machine
d. In case of a failure, the PLC system stops the running machine and starts the backup machine
e. The PLC system comes with a RS485 interface, so no additional interlock controller is required

Remote Control Function (Optional Configuration)
The compressor central control system is equipped with dedicated software, so the compressed air can be managed via remote communication.
a. The running information of the air compression machine can be learned in real time
b. Energy consumption and loading/unloading characteristics can be monitored
c. The value of each parameter can be preset according to the change in air consumption
d. The change in parameter presetting can be displayed and browsed
e. Alarm history can be queried and displayed

6. Unique Design

Our belt drive air compressors are available with the power ranging from 15KW to 90KW. Under normal operating conditions, the transmission efficiency reaches 99%. In addition, a uniquely designed automatic belt tensioning device greatly reduces belt replacement time while ensuring transmission efficiency.

Some models of product in this series can switch to direct drive as per customer needs.

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