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Variable Speed Air Compressors

I. Description

Our variable speed air compressor is equipped with a high-performance air end, variable frequency motor, and advanced variable frequency drive system. Air production is adjusted by changing the motor speed. When air demand reduces, the energy consumed by the motor also reduces.

Variable frequency starting is adopted. The starting current is small and no impact is caused to the grid, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment. Also, stable air pressure is provided while energy consumption is reduced. In addition, our variable speed air compressors feature low rotation speed and low noise. They are widely used in the pneumatic tool, instrumentation, packaging machine, textile machinery, beer making, electronic printing, mining, aeronautics and astronautics, as well as other industries.

II. Features

SEVSD15-315 (15-315KW) Series
1. Power: 20-425HP, pressure: 0.7-1.3MPa
2. Europe's top compressor air end, variable frequency motor, and ABB frequency converter are adopted; air consumption change is automatically tracked and the motor speed is adjusted correspondingly; energy consumption is reduced by 30%
3. Variable frequency motor: protection class of IP55, insulation class of F, service factor SF=1.2
4. The variable frequency starting greatly reduces the impact caused by instantaneous current on the grid, thus effectively extending the service life of machine
5. The adopted PLC intelligent control system supports control mode selection, operation status display, parameter presetting, and fault history query.
6. There is a MODBUS 485 interface reserved for remote monitoring.
7. Type of cooling: air cooling and water cooling
8. Product of different working voltage and frequency can be customized, 120V, 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 575V, 50Hz, and 60Hz.

III. Specifications

SEVSD15A-8 15 20 8 116 0.5~2.3 17.7~81.2 65 RP 3/4 430 775×1350×1050
SEVSD15A-10 10 145 0.4~2.0 14.1~70.6
SEVSD15A-13 13 188.5 0.3~1.6 10.6~56.5
SEVSD18A-8 18 25 8 116 0.6~3.0 21.2~105.9 65 RP 3/4 490 775×1350×1050
SEVSD18A-10 10 145 0.5~2.6 17.7~91.8
SEVSD18A-13 13 188.5 0.4~2.2 14.1~77.7
SEVSD22A-8 22 30 8 116 0.7~3.6 24.7~127.1 67 RP1 1/4 670 860×1315×1340
SEVSD22A-10 10 145 0.5~3.2 17.7~113.0
SEVSD22A-13 13 188.5 0.4~2.8 14.1~98.9
SEVSD30A-8 30 40 8 116 1.3~5.0 45.9~176.6 70 RP1 1/4 730 860×1315×1340
SEVSD30A-10 10 145 1.0~4.5 35.3~158.9
SEVSD30A-13 13 188.5 0.7~3.7 24.7~130.7
SEVSD37A-8 37 50 8 116 1.6~6.6 56.5~233.0 70 RP1 1/2 910 1000×1600×1470
SEVSD37A-10 10 145 1.3~5.8 45.9~204.8
SEVSD37A-13 13 188.5 1.0~4.8 35.3~169.5
SEVSD37A-8/D 37 50 8 116 1.6~6.6 56.5~233.0 70 RP1 1/2 920 1580×950×1470
SEVSD37A-10/D 10 145 1.3~5.8 45.9~204.8
SEVSD37A-13/D 13 188.5 1.0~4.8 35.3~169.5
SEVSD45A-8 45 60 8 116 1.7~7.6 60.0~268.4 71 RP1 1/2 1020 1000×1500×1470
SEVSD45A-10 10 145 1.5~7.0 53.0~247.2
SEVSD45A-13 13 188.5 1.2~5.8 42.4~204.8
SEVSD55A-8 55 75 8 116 2.4~10.0 84.8~353.1 73 RP 2 1550 1150×1760×1660
SEVSD55A-10 10 145 2.0~9.0 70.6~317.8
SEVSD55A-13 13 188.5 1.5~7.8 53.0~275.4
SEVSD55A-8/D 55 75 8 116 2.4~10.0 84.8~353.1 73 RP 2 1570 2000×1100×1585
SEVSD55A-10/D 10 145 2.0~9.0 70.6~317.8
SEVSD55A-13/D 13 188.5 1.5~7.8 53.0~275.4
SEVSD75A-8 75 100 8 116 3.0~13.0 105.9~459.1 75 RP 2 1860 1150×1760×1660
SEVSD75A-10 10 145 2.6~11.8 91.8~416.7
SEVSD75A-13 13 188.5 2.2~9.8 77.7~346.1
SEVSD75A-8/D 75 100 8 116 3.0~13.0 105.9~459.1 75 RP 2 1960 2000×1200×1585
SEVSD75A-10/D 10 145 2.6~11.8 91.8~416.7
SEVSD75A-13/D 13 188.5 2.2~9.8 77.7~346.1
SEVSD90A(W)-8/D 90 120 8 116 3.9~15.0 137.7~529.7 76 RP 2 2100 2000×1200×1585
SEVSD90A(W)-10/D 10 145 3.5~13.0 123.6~459.1
SEVSD90A(W)-13/D 13 188.5 2.8~11.0 98.9~388.4
SEVSD110A(W)-8 110 150 8 116 4.2~20.0 148.3~706.3 75 DN 65 2520 2166×1700×1918
SEVSD110A(W)-10 10 145 3.8~17.0 134.2~600.3
SEVSD110A(W)-13 13 188.5 3.3~13.6 116.5~480.3
SEVSD132A(W)-8 132 180 8 116 6.0~23.5 211.9~829.8 75 DN 65 2720 2166×1700×1918
SEVSD132A(W)-10 10 145 5.8~20.2 204.8~713.1
SEVSD132A(W)-13 13 188.5 4.0~16.0 141.3~565.0
SEVSD160A(W)-8 160 220 8 116 6.0~26.6 211.9~939.3 76 DN 65 3000 2466×1900×1918
SEVSD160A(W)-10 10 145 5.8~24.5 204.8~865.2
SEVSD160A(W)-13 13 188.5 4.1~20.8 144.8~734.5
SEVSD180A(W)-8 180 240 8 116 7.2~29.2 254.3~1031.1 76 DN 65 3000 2466×1900×1918
SEVSD180A(W)-10 10 145 6.4~26.8 226.0~946.4
SEVSD180A(W)-13 13 188.5 5.2~23.0 183.6~812.2
SEVSD220A(W)-8 220 320 8 116 10.5~37.5 370.7~1406.3 78 DN 80 4900 2780×2000×1918
SEVSD220A(W)-10 10 145 8.6~33.5 303.6~1182.6
SEVSD220A(W)-13 13 188.5 7.5~28.0 264.8~988.4
SEVSD250A(W)-8 250 340 8 116 12.2~45.0 430.8~1589.1 78 DN 100 6600 3760×2050×2100
SEVSD280A(W)-10 280 380 10 145 12.0~45.0 423.8~1589.1
SEVSD315A(W)-13 315 430 13 188.5 12.0~45.0 423.8~1589.1
SEVSD250A(W)-8 250 340 8 116 12.2~45.0 430.8~1589.1 78 DN 100 6600 3760×2050×1918
SEVSD280A(W)-10 280 380 10 145 12.0~45.0 423.8~1589.1
SEVSD315A(W)-13 315 430 13 188.5 12.0~45.0 423.8~1589.1
SEVSD280A(W)-8 280 380 8 116 15.0~49.6 529.5~1750.9 80 DN 125 9200 4580×2326×2180
SEVSD315A(W)-8 315 430 8 116 13.8~55.0 487.1~1941.5

Note: 1. FAD is measured according to GB/T6430-2002
2. Outlet temperature= Ambient temperature + 8-10℃

IV. Main Components

Compressor Air End
Our variable speed air compressor is equipped with a European compressor air end with optimized molded lines. The air end is matched with high quality SKF heavy-load axial and radial bearings. Three oil seals are used to eliminate leakage, ensuring that the air end has excellent performance as well as high reliability and durability.
PLC Intelligent Display System
Easy to operate, the PLC intelligent display system is able to display the operating state of the air compressor in real time. It is also used to display and control the operation, maintenance, alarm, and fault information. In addition, the system is designed with a backup output interface for multi-unit interlocking control and remote monitoring.
Intake Valve
a. This intake valve is able to perform 0-100% stepless adjustment on the displacement, making air supply consistent with air consumption, thus achieving the best energy-saving effect
b. The integration of non-return system, on-off system, and pressure regulation system not only guarantees the maximization of each function but also makes the structure compact and simple.
Variable Frequency Motor
a. Protection class: IP55, insulation class: F
b. Equipped with SKF heavy-load bearing
c. Output efficiency up to 96%, service factor SF=1.2
d. Low noise, long service life
e. Voltage and frequency can be customized
ABB Frequency Converter
a. The frequency converter can adjust motor speed according to the actual air consumption, thus saving energy.
b. Energy consumption is reduced by 30% or more.
c. Variable frequency starting greatly reduces the impact on the grid and machine, eliminates peak current, and prolongs the service life o the machine.
d. Power frequency starting and variable frequency starting are available for choice. This ensures continuous operation of the variable speed air compressor to the maximum extent.

Filtration System
a. Efficient air filter
Filter out dust and impurities in the air, filtering accuracy of 98.5%

b. Oil filter from German MANN
Filter out impurities in the lubricating oil, effectively preventing the bearing and rotor from being damaged

c. Cyclone type oil and air separation system
After the compressed air is processed in by this system, the oil content is less than 3PPM

d. Differential pressure sensor
This sensor will automatically issue an alarm when the filters are clogged

Control System
a. ABB electrical components, including AC contactor and circuit breaker, are adopted. These components have reliable quality and are easy to replace.

b. A MICROCHIP controller chip is used and a RS485 interface is provided. Remote monitoring can be realized via MODBUS.

c. A variety of control signals, including pressure, temperature, etc., are collected for the monitoring of the compressor’s operating state. They also provide help for fast troubleshooting.

Efficient Cooler (Air-Cooled)
a. Made of aluminum alloy, this cooler is lightweight and has high strength.

b. Integrating a plate-fin heat exchanger, a compressed air heat exchanger, and an oil heat exchanger, the cooler is compact and small.

c. Heat transfer area per unit volume is three times that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger, ensuring high heat transfer efficiency.

V. Structural Advantages

Unique Automatic Belt Tensioner (Belt Drive)
a. This tensioner automatically adjusts belt tension, which greatly improves transmission efficiency.

b. The tensioner is easy to maintain and it makes belt replacement easy. Belt replacement can be completed within 10 minutes.

Efficient Flexible Coupling (Direct Drive)
a. Transmission efficiency: 99%

b. The coupling keeps the force balance of the motor and compressor air end, making the compressor operation more stable

c. No energy consumption in transmission

No Leakage and Shock Absorption Design
a. SAE connectors are used for pipeline connection to eliminate air and oil leakage

b. Adopting double-layer protection, the oil air pipes are resistant to high pressure and temperature.

c. The drive structure section is equipped with a hidden shock absorption device which effectively reduces vibration. Under the same operating environment, noise is lowered by 3 to 5 dBA.

Specially Designed Air Cooling System
a. A new type cooling fan and blades of special angles are combined into an enclosed cooling system. By widening the distance between the cooling fan and the radiator, the cooling air is able to form a turbulent flow with stable pressure within a certain period of time. This enables the variable speed air compressor to operate normally under high temperatures in summer.

b. Compared with its competitors, this cooling system is 2 to 3 times more energy-efficient and the noise it produces during operation is lowered by 2 to 3 dBA.

Efficient Oil Air Separator
a. This oil air separator is composed of a double pleated skirt style oil-air separation filter and a coarse oil-air separation tank.

b. After processed by this oil air separator, the oil content of compressed air is less than 3PPM.

c. The initial oil-air separator core pressure difference is less than 0.02MPa, so the separation resistance is small and energy consumption is low.

d. The oil air separator is easy to operate and its service life is more than 4,000 hours.

User-Friendly Design
a. The whole variable speed air compressor is fully enclosed and the drive part is completely isolated, which guarantees the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel.

b. The variable speed air compressor can be directly applied after pipes are connected and power supply is turned on.

c. Door panels are equipped with sound-absorbing sponge. For the 22KW variable speed air compressor, the noise it produces during operation is lower than 68dBA.

Ⅵ. Performance Advantages

Our VSD series variable frequency screw air compressor uses pressure sensor to sense the actual pressure and air consumption of the system. Through the cooperation of electrical control and frequency control, motor speed is regulated in real time without changing motor torque. Compressor speed is changed to respond to changes in system pressure and thus maintain steady system pressure to realize on-demand output of high-quality compressed air.

When air consumption is reduced, the compressed air supplied by the air compressor is excessive. Then, the compressor speed is reduced to decrease the compressed air output. If the air consumption is increased, the motor speed is improved to increase compressed air supply so as to keep stable system pressure.

Our variable speed air compressor is equipped with an electronic frequency conversion system. Precision air consumption matching and pressure control techniques not only save energy by 30% but also bring many benefits like stabilizing pipeline pressure, eliminating peak current impact, etc., providing modern industrial and mining enterprises with energy-saving solutions.

Performance Advantages

1. Steady Pressure
Our variable speed air compressor adopts PID for precision speed adjustment. Changes in the air amount of the system will be automatically tracked. The compressor will supply air at a constant pressure, which is the preset desired pressure plus or minus 0.1bar, to reduce power consumption.

2. Variable Flow Control
The ABB frequency converter adopted is able to adjust the rotation speed of the motor in real time according to the actual air consumption, so as to make the power consumption of the air compressor match with the power required by actual air compression. In case of high air consumption, the pressure remains unchanged, but the speed compensates automatically to meet the supply needs. When the air consumption is low, pressure is maintained constant and speed is automatically reduced to supply compressed air which is just enough.

3. No Current Impact during Starting
The air compressor is started via frequency converter. The maximum starting current is 1.2 times the rated current while the starting current is at least 6 times the rated current for power frequency start. Hence, our variable speed air compressor exerts little impact on the grid during starting. It enjoys reduced stress and consequently prolonged service life.

4. High Economical Efficiency
Throughout the operating life of the air compressor, energy costs account for most of all costs. However, by using a VSD, energy consumption is reduced by 30%. Therefore, the energy cost saved by a variable speed air compressor for three years is roughly equivalent to the purchase price of the unit.

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