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Portable Screw Compressors

1. Description

Driven by a diesel engine, our portable screw compressor is characterized by good power balance and strong ability to adapt to the service site. It is widely used in the energy, mining, shipbuilding, water conservation, urban construction, and other industries.

2. Features

YSE18-110 Diesel Driven Portable Screw Compressors

a. The supercharged engine of Cummins or other well-known brands is adopted as the power source. The engine can be selected according to customer requirements.

b. Low-speed compressor air end is used, which meets customer’s demands for stable and efficient compression by optimal compression ratio and minimum internal leakage.

c. Stepless control from full load to no load can be conducted through the intake valve based on the system’s air consumption demand.

d. Heavy industrial start battery and lockable fuel tank cap are adopted, ensuring high stability and security.

e. An automatic safety shutdown system is provided. In case of abnormities in exhaust temperature, pressure, and oil level, the system will automatically stop the portable screw compressor.

f. Integrated compressor control system, easy to operate

g. Efficient dual filters, shockproof chassis, dry powder paint coating process, as well as other components and designs ensure walking safety and long-term stability of the portable screw compressor serving in harsh environments.

3. Technical Parameters

Model YSE18-8 YSE37-8 YSE75-8 YSE90-8 YSE110-8
Stage Single Stage
Capacity (M3/min) 3 6 10 15 20
Rated Working Pressure(bar) 8 8 8 8 8
Number of Cylinders 3 4 6 6 6
Fuel tank (L) 70 100 180 270 400
Engine Model CZ480 YC4B115Z YC6108ZG 6BT5.9 6BTA5.9
Engine Power (KW) 20 84 110 110 132
Fuel/Cooling Method Diesel, water cooling
Rated Speed (rpm) 2600 2400 2400 2400 2200
Electric System Voltage (V) 24 24 24 24 24
Oil Remain (ppm) ≤10
Connection Qty. 1×Rp1 1/4+2×Rp3/4 1×Rp1 1/2+2×Rp3/4 1×Rp2+2×Rp1/2 1×Rp2 1/2+2×Rp1 1/2 1×Rp2 1/2+2×Rp1 1/2
Connection Size
Tire Quantity 2 2 4 4 4
L × W × H mm 2500×1400×1500 2800×1400×1500 3900×1800×1750 3900×1800×1750 4200×1800×2100
Weight (kg) 1000 1250 2200 2800 3500

4. Technical Advantages

Efficient Fuel Saving, Strong Power
a. With the FEV necking combustion technology and low inertia small nozzle fuel injector, combustion is fuller, which further improves low-speed torque.

b. A reinforced high power oil proof starter motor is adopted, ensuring the reliability and service life of the electrical system.

c. The flow of air filter is increased. A PU filter element is used, which ensures high security and more convenient maintenance.

d. The use of industrial modeling theory, rational distribution of low-pressure line, and the effective control of the quality of castings make the engine more compact in structure and beautiful in appearance.
Stable Transmission, Easy Maintenance
a. Efficient and stable transmission, high offset compensation capability
b. The flange and shaft drive can be radially demolished.
Rainproof and Noise Reducing, Safe and Reliable
a. A rainproof mobile trailer is adopted. Its outer cover is made of high quality steel plate which has been subjected to anti-corrosion treatment, so it is corrosion-resistant and of good sealing performance. The four-side doors and windows are supported by automatic pressure, which are easy to open.

b. Wheel steering, single turnablesteering or multi-turntable steering is adopted. Parking brake, driving braking, and emergency braking can be configured.

c. The trailer is characterized by high driving speed, flexible braking, stable steering, high reliability, and high security.
Safe Operation, Intelligent Control
a. There are sound and light alarm devices and intelligent control systems.

b. Heavy-load air filtration device effectively guarantees the safe operation of the equipment.

c. Our portable screw compressor has lights installed inside, so as to ensure that the equipment can be checked and repaired at any time, thus improving work efficiency.

d. The multi-outlet design satisfies the connection of different mobile air consuming devices.

5. Unique Design

Our portable screw compressor is driven by the diesel engine of Cummins, Yuchai, or other well-known brands. It adopts large-diameter screw rotor. The product main part and the diesel engine are directly connected through a coupling, ensuring strong power.The whole machine is an integral mobile device. It is equipped with many types of alarm devices and smart control system, which is safe and reliable.

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