1. Refrigerated Air DryersAccording to different intake air temperature, our refrigerated air dryers are divided into normal temperature type (≤45℃) and high temperature (≤80℃) type.
    1. Desiccant Air DryersThe desiccant air dryer uses molecular sieve or alumina as the desiccant to adsorb moisture in the compressed air under a certain working pressure. Then, re-lead a part of dry air from the dryer outlet for desorption at atmospheric pressure. One tower is for water adsorption and another for desorption and regeneration.
    1. Combined Air DryersIn a limited space, our combined air dryers provide the cleanest compressed air with minimum air consumption.

Air Dryers

The compressed air contains moisture with the relative humidity of 100%. As the compressed air cools in the pipeline, the moisture will precipitate. The appearance of water in an air compressor system will bring many drawbacks, such as increasing operation and maintenance costs as well as increasing the investment in production line equipment. Also, the quality of the compressed air will be affected.

The function of an air dryer is to forcibly cool the compressed air to the required dew point temperature, thus making the water vapor contained therein condense into droplets and discharging the droplets through a drainage device.

Our air dryers are divided into three types, i.e., room temperature and high temperature refrigerated type, no heat and micro heat desiccant type, as well as no heat and micro heat combined type. Customers can choose an appropriate type of air drying machine according to the actual site conditions. Alternatively, they can turn to us for one-stop service.

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