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Customized Air Compressor

    1. Mobile Air Compression Station (Baosteel)
    1. Mobile Air Compression Station
    1. Compressor for Special Working Conditions
    1. Screw Compressor for Special Working Conditions

1. Description

In addition to manufacturing standard compressors, our company also provides customized air compressor, including dedicated compressor for special working conditions and combined mobile air compression station.

The dedicated compressor for special working conditions is suitable for use in the environment of highfield, high dust, high temperature, severe corrosion, and large voltage fluctuation. The combined mobile air compression station combines an air compressor, air storage tank, dryer, filter, air distribution tank, waste collection tank, and a lifting mechanism. It meets the demands for mobile or fixed air supply in various workplaces and completely solves the problem of huge waste of resources brought by temporary construction of compressor stations.

2. Dedicated Screw Compressor for Special Working Conditions

Technical Advantages
Inlet Filter (High Dust Proof Design)
An oil - immersed air filter is adopted. Through tangential air admission, rotating separation, oil film capture, and adhesion absorption, high concentrations of dust can be thoroughly separated and the purity of the input air can be ensured.

Advantage Analysis
The clean air entering a compressor can provide the best protection for the rotor, bearing, cooling lubricating oil, oil filter, oil air separator, and various control valves. This can greatly increase the running efficiency of the equipment, reduce the risk of production halt, and prolong the service life of the components. According to the testing result, after adopting the inlet filter, the maintenance interval period of the air compression machine is extended twice and the routine maintenance cost is reduced by 60%. Hence, the quality of the air input into the compressor is of great importance.

On the other hand, it is not appropriate to use a traditional filter for the air compressor serving in the environment of high concentrations of dust. This is because the input air which is not effectively filtered is likely to cause the congestion of oil and air roads. In addition to frequently replacing the cooling lubricants, oil filter, oil and air separator, as well as the air filter element, the congestion of oil and air roads will also cause inefficient operation and frequent failure and accelerate the wear of rotor, bearing, control value, and other precision components, resulting in compressor overhaul or retirement in advance.
Cooling System (Split Type Efficient Cooler with Resistance to Corrosion and High Temperature)
For the operating environment with harsh conditions, we have split the oil cooling part and air cooling part of the cooler and then re-combined the two parts while retaining the original structure. This reduces maintenance trouble and costs. In addition, the heat transfer area and flow channel of the cooler have been optimized, which significantly improves cooling effect. Also, the cooler surface has been subjected to anti-corrosion treatment to resist the corrosion caused by C, Al2O3, fluoride dust, HF, CO, CO2, SO2, and other substances produced under harsh working conditions.

Advantage Analysis
a. The oil cooling section and the air cooling section are designed into two independent parts. The two parts are than combined and installed together. When either section malfunctions, it can be replaced separately and the whole cooler does not need replacement. This provides a great convenience for future maintenance and greatly reduces maintenance costs and work load.

b. The optimized heat transfer area and flow channel effectively ensure that the air compressor can work properly with the ambient temperature of up to 70 ℃, which reduces the probability of failure and prevents machine stop caused by high temperature.

c. The cooler surface has undergone anti-corrosion treatment. This effectively protects the aluminum cooler from the corrosion caused by many special gases produced in special working conditions, thus prolonging the service life of the cooler and reducing maintenance costs.
Large Diameter Rotor, SuperiorConfiguration Compressor Air End (Reduce Speed, Reduce Heat Source)
The compressor air end is specially designed for applications in harsh working conditions. It is equipped with a large-diameter rotor, heavy-load SKF bearing, and special shaft seal. With the adoption of the high-efficiency, standard 1 to 1 direct drive mode, the gearbox is removed.

Advantage Analysis
a. Large diameter rotor and low-speed operation reduce friction coefficient and system heat generation while effectively increasing air production and reducing airflow noise.
b. The heavy-load SKF bearing ensures the durability of the air compressor and reduces machine vibration as well as mechanical noise.
c. Three special seals are specially configured, which eliminates the leakage of oil and gas and prolongs the service life of the sealing elements.
d. The 1 to 1 direct drive via coupling eliminates the need of gearbox, which effectively reduces power consumption.
Electrical Control Element Configuration (Anti-Magnetic Interference System)
Anti-interference electrical elements with high protection class, large service factor, and resistance to high temperature are adopted, so as to improve antijamming capability and ensure stable equipment operation.

a. The electric control box and transitional junction box both have a protection class of IP44. All conductors are shielded.
b. Relevant electrical components, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and differential pressure indicators all have large tolerance level.
c. A heating apparatus is provided. It is used for the preheating of lubricants at low temperatures in cold areas, solving the first start problem in winter.
Cooling Oil, Oil and Air Separation System (Full Synthetic Oil, Antioxidant and Easily Separated)
a. A type of synthetic oil which has resistance to high temperature and oxidation is used, ensuring no carbon deposition and no oxidation within the operation cycle. This improves the cooling and lubricating properties, guarantees the quality of oil air separation, and extends the service life of parts.

b. A special oil-air separation structure is adopted. Double pleated skirt style oil-air separation filter and tangentially rotating colliding coarse oil-air separation tank form the best oil-air separation device, ensuring the quality of the air discharged and reducing oil consumption.

c. The adopted seal conforming to American Automobile Association standard and the leak-proof, high-temperature-resistant pipeline connection parts effectively eliminate the pipeline loosening caused by operation vibration, ensuring pipeline sealing performance and eliminating leakage.
Special Motor
a. Dedicated squirrel-cage motor equipped with SKF bearings is adopted. Its protection class reaches IP54, so the motor can resist splashing water and dust.

b. The service factor of the motor is SF=1.2 and sufficient power safety factor is reserved, ensuring stable operation and long service life.

c. The motor is designed according to the voltage fluctuation of ± 20%, avoiding frequent machine halt in case of large voltage change.

3. Combined Mobile Air Compression Station

Since 1999, our company has tailored a variety of combined mobile air compression stations for Baosteel Group. The picture below shows the 110KW model launched recently.

This mobile air compression station combines many components, including screw compressor, air storage tank, dryer, filter, air distribution tank, filtration system for operator respiration, waste collection tank, and lifting mechanism. All these components are mounted on the same chassis. For mobile operations, they can be easily lifted to a vehicle and transported to the destination.

With the overall design of top novelty, practicality and economy, this mobile air compression station well meets the needs of mobile or fixed air supply in various workplaces. Also, the resource waste problem caused by temporary construction of air compression stations is completely solved.

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