1. Belt Drive Air CompressorsOur belt drive air compressor air end is composed of the male and female rotors, bearing, shaft seal, and housing. The working process includes suction, compression and exhaust.
    1. Direct Drive Air CompressorsOur direct drive air compressor is directly driven by a motor through a coupling. This helps achieve optimal transmission efficiency and reduce machine vibration, ensuring efficient, stable operation and lowered noise.

Standard Screw Air Compressors

Our standard screw air compressors are available in two types, belt drive type and direct drive type. The power ranges from 15KW to 630KW and the volume flow from 58CFM to 4060CFM. Cooling methods include air cooling and water cooling.

This series of product meets the demands of all industries on low pressure screw air compressor. We are one of the few suppliers that are able to provide 400-630KW large flow compressors in China.

Our product features high exhaust efficiency, energy conservation, as well as easy operation and maintenance. It is widely used in the fields of iron and steel smelting, mining, petrochemical engineering, power electronics, papermaking and printing, as well as food and medicine.

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