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    1. Tank Mounted Screw CompressorsTo simplify purchase and installation, we have launched the tank mounted screw compressors based on the design principles of high reliability, high efficiency, and easy operation. The combination of compressor and air storage tank provides this product with compact structure, low noise, easy operation, and high reliability.
    1. Standard Screw Air Compressors
    1. Variable Speed Air CompressorsOur variable speed air compressor is equipped with a high-performance air end, variable frequency motor, and advanced variable frequency drive system. Air production is adjusted by changing the motor speed. When air demand reduces, the energy consumed by the motor also reduces.
  • Oil-Free Screw Compressors In the process of screw rotation and compression, the lubrication, sealing, and cooling of the air end are all completed by water, achieving real oil-free compression and providing clean compressed air for special production operations.
  • Middle & High Pressure Screw CompressorsAdopting high pressure cooler with special water cooling method, our medium and high pressure screw compressors are able to run at a low temperature under high pressure, thus enjoying extended service life.
  • Portable Screw CompressorsDriven by a diesel engine, our portable screw compressor is characterized by good power balance and strong ability to adapt to the service site. It is widely used in the energy, mining, shipbuilding, water conservation, urban construction, and other industries.
  • Customized Air CompressorIn addition to manufacturing standard compressors, our company also provides customized air compressor, including dedicated compressor for special working conditions and combined mobile air compression station.