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Industry Applications
    1. 1. Metallurgy and Mining
      a. Provide power for non-ferrous metal mining equipment, such as picks and drills
      b. Supply air for the production, dust removal, desulfurization, and instruments in the coking plant
      c. Pneumatic punching and cooling in the steel plant
      d. Drive brake, furnace door, filling and conveying device, pneumatic tools, sandblasting
      e. Provide air for oxygen removal
      f. Instrument air, equipment purge, process assisting
    1. 2. Petrochemical Engineering
      a. Special equipment for oil
      b. FCCU for refinery production
      c. Control the instrument and valve of production control systems
      d. For producing nitrogen and oxidation
    1. 3. Mechanical and Electrical Machinery
      The screw compressor is widely used in the instrumentation, home appliance, and mechanical equipment fields. It supplies compressed air to parts inspection, equipment inspection, assembly, coating, and other processes.
    1. 4. Construction and Building Material
      a. The air compressor is used in the bag filter cleaning system. It supplies compressed air to packaging machine pneumatic valve, cement unloader pneumatic valve, and other instruments.
      b. Provide power for stone cutting, grinding, and polishing in the stone factory
      c. Serve as power source for the equipment and tools in the architectural decoration industry, such as pneumatic nailer, pneumatic polisher, paint spray gun, etc.
    1. 5. Electric Power
      a. Screw compressors are applied in the thermal power plants to supply compressed air for starting tools, equipment cylinder, boiler burner nozzle as well as for controlling valves and instruments;
      b. The rotary screw compressor also serves as the air source for dry ash and coal transportation, backwashing in chemical water workshop, industrial wastewater treatment, and cleaning.
    1. 6. Textile and Clothing
      a. The oil-free screw compressor is used to provide compressed air for elasticizer, jet loom, air covering machine, and other equipment that requires compressed air in the textile and clothing industry.
      b. It also serves as the power source for slice drying and conveying.
      c. Screw air compressors are also used for cleaning.
    1. 7. Light Industry and Food
      a. Compressed air is used to stir slurry.
      b. Oil-free screw compressor is used to provide power for the filling machine and blowing machine.
      c. It also supplies compressed air to the fermentation tank and cleaning equipment and containers with nozzles as well as for raw material conveying and tank truck unloading.
      d. For food dehydration, filtration, and packaging
    1. 8. Transportation
      a. Provide power for pneumatic machinery in the automotive manufacturing plants and repair workshop;
      b. Supply air to pneumatic control and automatic stamping in the forging shop, casting workshop, and sheet metal workshop
      c. Supply air for painting and cleaning
      d. Provide power for airport, port, road, tunnel engineering equipment
    1. 9. Electronic and Electrical
      a. The screw compressor is used to provide compressed air for electronic and electrical product manufacturing and assembly;
      b. Drive industrial automation equipment;
      c. Provide air for various pneumatic tools;
      d. Provide compressed air for instrument control;
      e. Supply air for cleaning and packaging
    1. 10. Household Appliance
      The screw compressor is used to supply air to various pneumatic tools, including polishing type, assembling type, coating type, riveting type, etc. It is also used in the mechanical processing plant for cleaning.
    1. 11. Papermaking and Printing
      a. The screw air compressor is used in the papermaking factory for roll feeding, head tank pressurization, head tank removal, waste paper removal, vacuum drying, and other purposes. b. In the printing factory, the screw compressor is used for color packaging automatic laminating, solution agitation, paper packaging, etc.
    1. 12. Medicine and Health
      The oil-free screw compressor is often applied in the medicine manufacturing process for conveying raw materials, stirring raw materials, driving centrifuge, and other uses.