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Customer Cases
    1. 1. FUYI INDUSTRY LTD. (Vietnam)
      FUYI Industry Ltd. is a cement manufacturer in Vietnam. It entrusts SkyForce to carry out industrial design, project contracting, equipment development, production and commissioning, as well as product sales.

      Our cooperation with SkyForce starts from 2009. The FUYI Industry Ltd. compressor project was officially launched in 2012. SkyForce purchased 6 sets of screw compressors from our company, including SE132A, SE30A, and SE37A models.

      The customer put forward high requirements on the electrical control and remote control of compressor and compressed air treatment equipment. Our designers conducted technical optimization on the compressor and compressed air treatment equipment according to the requirements of the customer. We provided the product with remote control function. Through signal transmission, the compressor system can be monitored and controlled by the central control system.

    1. 2. JSS (Russia)
      JSS is a manufacturer of gas production and separation equipment in Russia. It is mainly engaged in the design and production of hydrogen production equipment and gas separation system. The compressor is mainly used for its gas separation equipment.

      Since 2011, we have acquired the purchase contracts of 10 22-180KW and 12 250-400KW air compressors. In the end of March 2013, this customer ordered 3 sets of 355KW screw compressor from us for some project and the delivery date was agreed in late April. To make sure that the product met the overseas voltage requirement and the delivery time, this Russian company sent technicians to Shanghai for production progress tracking and factory acceptance. After efficient communication and coordination, production went smoothly and products were delivered on schedule. Our products were highly recognized by the Russian customer. Within 20 days after the 3 sets of 355KW compressor were delivered, the customer placed subsequent orders for the project.

    1. 3. ChinaCoal
      Air Compressor Station for ChinaCoal

      From May to October 2010, ChinaCoal purchased 14 sets of SE250A-8 and SE110A-8 air compressors from our company. These compressors are used in the large coal washing plant, coking plants, power plants, coal machine factory of ChinaCoal’s subsidiaries in Shanxi,Shaanxi,Jiangsu,Heilongjiang, and Inner Mongolia. The picture above shows the air compressor station for the coal washing plant of PINGSHUO Coal Limited.

    1. 4. Great Wall Motor
      Great Wall Motor Company Limited is China's largest manufacturer of SUV and Pickup truck. In January 2011, Great Wall Motor purchased many sets of compressors and compressed air treatment equipment from us, including SE250A-8, SE132A-8, etc. These products are mainly used in its casting workshop to provide air source and power support for die-casting equipment, processing equipment, surface treatment equipment, as well as cleaning and polishing equipment.

    1. 5. Baosteel
      We tailored a mobile air compression station for Baosteel. This equipment integrates an 110KW screw compressor, air receiver, air dryer, air filter, air distribution tank, waste collection tank, and a lifting mechanism. These components are mounted on the same chassis. The combination can perform mobile operation and it can be hoisted as a whole. It is mainly used in the section steel manufacturing plant of Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation.

    1. 6. Kazakhstan Railway Company Limited
      Kazakhstan Railway Company Limited is mainly responsible for the railway survey and design as well as the construction of bridge, tunnel, and highway. This company started cooperating with us in January 2005. It purchased more than 20 sets of screw compressors from us and the compressors were mainly used in its tunnel engineering and locomotive maintenance.

      For railway tunnel construction, the requirements on compressor are stringent due to the harsh working conditions in the wild. Giving full play to creativity, we have developed the compressors which are able to adapt to the service environment in railway and bridge construction as well as tunnel excavation. Our products can work properly in the wild and in the harsh environments with heavy dust, which fully meets customer requirements.