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Service and Support

Compressor Station

Our company provides customers with one-stop compressor station services in addition to a variety of screw compressors.

1. Introduction to Compressor Station
A typical air compressor station comprises four parts.
a. Air Compressor
Generally, the oil-injected twin-screw compressor is used. It is the main equipment for a compressor station and it is used to produce compressed air.

b. Air Receiver
The air receiver has three functions. The first one is to store compressed air. The second one is to stabilize the pressure of compressed air, thereby ensuring continuous stable air supply. The third function is to remove liquid water from the compressed air.

c. Air Dryer
There are mainly two types, i.e., refrigerated air dryer and desiccant air dryer. The air dryer is used to separate moisture from the compressed air. Its action principle is similar to that of air conditioning. The hot and humid compressed air is cooled to the dew point temperature, thus discharging 99% of the moisture in the air.

d. Air Filter
The air filter is used to filter out the dust and oil in the compressed air.

The compressed air produced by such a standard compressor station is very clean and dry, meeting the air consuming demands of 90% enterprises. For special industries, such as food, medicine, textile and clothing, oil-free compressor is required or multiple additional filtering devices are needed for sterilization and deodorization.

2. Compressor Station Configuration Flowchart

1. Screw Compressor
2. Air Receiver
3. Pre-filter
4. Air Dryer
5. After-Filter
6. Fine Filter

3. Configuration Description
When two or more air compressors share one set of post - processing equipment, the post - processing equipment can be selected according to the actual air consumption. If one of the compressors is used as a backup, the post - processing equipment can be chosen according to the maximum flow rate.

The typical compressor station configuration shown in the above picture is the most commonly used one and it is applied in a variety of industries. After the compressed air enters the air receiver, it is firstly filtered in the pre-filter and then dried in the air dryer. Then, it enters the after-filter. After this filtration, the oil content of the compressed air is no more than 0.1ppm and the dust particle size is not greater than 1μm. After the air is filtered in the fine filter, the oil content does not exceed 0.01ppm and the dust particle size is less than or equal to 0.01μm.

Tell us about your applications and your requirements on compressed air, such as pressure, flow, and power. Our professional team will provide you with the one-stop service of compressor design, manufacture, and installation.

Service Support

With perfect service system and team, we are able to provide customers with professional services, including

We provide customers with not only high-quality products but also first-class services. We have a professional team for pre-sale consultation and the team comprises product engineers, installation engineers, sales engineers and service engineers. These engineers will give professional answers to your questions.

Scheme Design
According to the application features, air consumption, and pressure, we provide customers with optimal compressed air design scheme.

After-Sales Service
We have an experienced after-sales service team. The team is able to offer professional advice and help solve problems. For all of our compressors, we provide one-year warranty. Within the warranty period, if there is any quality problem, we will provide free replacement parts or make discount compensation. The accessories will be sent in the shortest possible time via TNT, DHL or FedEx. In addition, the warranty period can be extended after negotiation. We will provide accessories at the cost price within 15 years after the warranty expires.

Technical advisory services are readily available within and beyond the warranty period.

Parts Procurement

1. To ensure proper operation and service life of the air compressor, please use special cooling oil and spare parts produced by our company;
2. When purchasing spare parts, please refer to the commonly used spare parts list in the Use and Maintenance Manual and clearly indicate the compressor model, factory number, part name, part number, and part quantity.
3. The spare parts produced by our company have special package marking and security signs. Please check when accepting.

Commonly Used Accessories of Oil-Injected Screw Compressor
Air Filter Element
Used in the inlet to filter our impurities in the air; require periodical maintenance
Oil Filter
Used to filter out the impurities in the lubricating oil; require periodical maintenance
Air Oil Separator Core
Used in the oil air separation tank to separate the compressed air and the lubricating oil; require periodical maintenance
Lubricating Oil
For the lubrication system of oil-injected screw compressor
For belt drive screw compressor; the belt tension needs regular check
Air Filter Assembly
Air filter assembly for compressor system
Including temperature sensor and pressure sensor; for precise control of compressor operation
PLC Display
The display and PLC constitute the control system of the compressor
Intake Valve
Can automatically adjust the amount of the intake air
Minimum Pressure Valve
Ensure the required minimum working pressure of the air compressor system
Solenoid Valve
Integrated with the intake valve to achieve air amount ratio regulation and on-off regulation
Safety Valve
Mainly used in the oil-air separation tank for safe relief
Temperature Control Valve
Control the minimum oil injection temperature of the compressor
Mainly used in the air receiver and dryer for automatic waste discharge

Care and Maintenance

To make the air compressor run properly and reliably and to ensure the service life of the compressor, detailed maintenance plan is required. The compressor should be operated by specially-assigned people. Regular inspection and periodical maintenance are necessary, so as to keep the compressor clean and oil-free.

The maintenance of main components is conducted according to the following table.

Item Content Inspection or replacement cycle
500 1000 2000 3500 5000
Air Filter Element Remove surface dust and impurities The inspection or replacement cycle can be extended or shortened according to the actual dust content and other working conditions
Replace with new filter element
Intake Valve Seals Check or replace seals
Compressor Lubricant Check if lubricant is sufficient
Replace with new oil
Oil Filter Replace with a new one 500 hours for the first time
Air Oil Separator Core Replace with a new one
Minimum Pressure Valve Check the opening pressure Clean
Cooler Remove surface dust Extended or shortened depending on conditions
Safety Valve Check whether the valve acts sensitively
Oil Drain Valve Discharge moisture and dirt
Drive Belt Adjust tightness Extended or shortened according to the degree of wear
Check the degree of wear or replace
Motor Fill lubricating grease Or maintain the motor according to the motor User Guide